ABW - Easter weekend TV Guide 09 April 2020

It's a long weekend - so get ready to be intimate with the couch

Every Friday you can expect an Always Be Watching TV Guide in your inbox with a list of all the new and returning shows that are available for you to watch over the weekend. With the Easter long weekend, the guide is being published this week on a Thursday afternoon, so some of these shows may not be available to watch immediately - you might have to wait until Friday.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind for this weekend:

  • Bosch returns for its 6th season on Amazon Prime. It’s a great, old-school cop drama that really does a great job at bringing crime fiction to TV in a way that feels like a crime novel.

  • Fans of Adventure Time might want to check out The Midnight Gospel on Netflix. It’s from the same creator Pendleton Ward.

  • There’s a whole bunch of new shows that launched this week on Quibi - I’ve included below the big scripted shows.

  • The highest profile Netflix movie is Tigertail. It’s written and directed by Alan Yang (Master of None, Parks & Recreation, Little America) and based loosely on the stories his parents told him of their immigration to the US. If you liked Master of None, this is definitely worth a look.

Trailer: Alan Yang's Tigertail heads to Netflix | VODzilla.co ...
  • New Netflix comedy Brews Brothers is a series from real-life brothers Jeff Schaffer (creator of The League and regular co-writer on Curb Your Enthusiasm), and Greg Shaffer (That 70s Show). If you’re a fan of The League, this is going to be similar - expect crude jokes and bad behaviour. (I’m very much there for this)

Netflix Comedy 'Brews Brothers' Season 1: Plot, Cast, Trailer ...
  • The Good Fight is back for its 4th season. It debuts on CBS All Access in the US. In Australia, where it airs on SBS, it has been delayed. I suspect that this is related to the fact that it will be an incomplete season - filming was interrupted due to production shutdowns related to the stupid virus. It’s a show that is often very reflective of real world issues, so I’d be very surprised if The Good Fight doesn’t end its last few episodes with a strong commentary on the COVID-19 shutdown.

The Good Fight [Season 4, Episode 1] :FULL EPISODESS


Bosch (s6), Cardinal (s4), The Bureau (s5), The Last OG (s3), Bloom (s2), The Good Fight (s4)


Brews Brothers - Netflix (US)

StarsAlan AisenbergMike CastleCarmen Flood

Two rival brothers must work together to keep their brewery in business, but shenanigans keep foaming up their company with chaos.


The Midnight Gospel - Netflix (US)

Creator: Pendleton Ward
StarsDuncan Trussell, Phil Hendrie

Clancy, a spacecaster with a malfunctioning multiverse simulator who leaves the comfort of his home to interview beings living in dying worlds.


Most Dangerous Game - Quibi (US)

StarsChristoph Waltz, Liam Hemsworth

Desperate to take care of his pregnant wife before a terminal illness can take his life, Dodge Maynard accepts an offer to participate in a deadly game where he soon discovers that he's not the hunter - but the prey.


When The Streetlights Go On - Quibi (US)

StarsBen AhlersCameron BancroftJana Berengel

After the murder of a beautiful young girl rocks a suburban community, the victim's sister and her high school peers must struggle to find a sense of normalcy while coming of age in the midst of the murder investigation.


Survive - Quibi (US)

Stars: Sophie Turner, Corey Hawkins

Jane wants to end it all. Then a plane crash almost ends it for her. Now she's crawling from the wreckage with the only other survivor and a new drive to stay alive. Together they embark on a harrowing journey out of the wilderness, battling brutal conditions and personal traumas in this thrilling drama based on the critically acclaimed novel, Survive, by Alex Morel.


Flipped - Quibi (US)

Stars: Will ForteKaitlin OlsonAndy Garcia

Jann and Cricket think they have what it takes to become TV's newest house-flipping couple. Unfortunately, a Mexican drug cartel thinks so too. Now the delusional duo has to survive their newest project — renovating the cartel's mansions.


Tigertail - Netflix [Movie]

StarsChristine KoFiona FuJoan Chen

A Taiwanese factory worker leaves his homeland to seek opportunity in America, where he struggles to find connection while balancing family and newfound responsibilities in this multi-generational drama.


The Main Event - Netflix (US) [Movie]

StarsAdam PallyTichina ArnoldLisa Durupt

After discovering a magical mask, an 11-year-old aspiring wrestler enters a competition to become the next WWE superstar.


Love Wedding Repeat - Netflix (US) [Movie]

StarsOlivia MunnSam ClaflinAisling Bea

While trying to make his sister's wedding day go smoothly, Jack finds himself juggling an angry ex-girlfriend, an uninvited guest with a secret, a misplaced sleep sedative, and the girl that got away in alternate versions of the same day.


School Life - Netflix (France)[Movie]

StarsZita HanrotLiam PierronSoufiane Guerrab

The daily life of a school located in Saint Denis.