Elvis is back! Marcel the monkey is back! But... some shows won't be back!

What you'll be watching this weekend: 16-18 August 2019

Help me Obi-Wan! Also: Leah Remini takes on Danny Masterson. Also: More of a beloved Netflix rom-com!

The man with a TV on his head who left TV gifts for neighbours. Also: Other, less weird TV news stories.

All the details on the HUGE ViacomCBS deal. Also: The Banana Splits screamfest! Plus: No more Inbetweeners.

The Crown s3! HBO! The Morning Show! It's a big day for trailers!

Was The OA really cancelled? ALSO: Could Disney have a partner down under?

What you'll be watching this weekend: 9-11 August 2019

$200 million payday for Game of Thrones creators. ALSO: 90210 ratings. AND: The truth about Ted Danson's sitcom.

The new Monica Lewinsky TV show. PLUS: No. More. Reboots. *cough*

BH 90210 opening titles revealed. PLUS: More Atlanta! ALSO: Garfield sold!

Accusations at 'The Rookie'. PLUS: RIP The OA

Stranger Things 3 tidbit. PLUS: The 100 Cancelled.

What you'll be watching this weekend: 2-4 August 2019

RIP 13 Reasons Why. ALSO: More US Love Island. PLUS: Shin Ultraman

First look at Netflix's $125m The Irishman. PLUS: Ready yourself for BH90210! ALSO: Quibi goes sideways!

Nick Frost + Olivia WIlliams + Joss Whedon = HBO. PLUS: The Netflix front page bias. ALSO: Netflix ignores critics.

Wahlburgers was too beautiful for this world. PLUS: CNN's actually interesting news show. ALSO: It's time to support The Dinkster!

More Handmaid's Tale. ALSO: Leigh Sales assaulted with yoghurt. AND: The death of an animated icon.

What you'll be watching this weekend: 26-28 July 2019


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